What IS Lethal?

A metal death trap barreling down a concrete corridor at eighty miles an hour with music roaring out of the interior, occupied by five young and attractive individuals, intoxicated by nothing other than each other's company, happens to be more lethal to teens today than anything else. More lethal than drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

texting while you drive = death.

reapplying lip gloss while driving = death

anything that makes you take your attention off the road = death

But the horrifying thing is that it might not be YOUR death, it might be the death of someone you don't even know. It might be the death of a child in a car in oncoming traffic that you crash in to because you couldn't wait to respond to a text until you got to where you were going. The selfishness of driving recklessly or distracted verges on the insane, but you won't be able to put in an insanity plea when you are brought up on charges of vehicular manslaughter and sentenced as an adult to 5 years in prison.

This isn't a joking matter, and since you're smart people, we're not going to insult your intelligence by sugar coating this issue. The shock and awe of the situation is the fact that the leading cause of teen deaths in America are car crashes, and 75% of those incidents have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH DRUGS OR ALCOHOL but involve distracted and reckless driving.

So sign the pledge, get your friends to sign the pledge, and join us as we save lives.


The WDYCL Team